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March 2007
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A Memorial GiftCollapse )

Since Canon doesn't tell us the directions and creation of the Wolfsbane potion, JL is very creative about such things and came up with a recipe and proceedure which fits with what we know of in canon, and gives us lots of room for tweaking. I should have posted this ages ago, as I've had it all along and had this 'in my head' as I refer to the Wolfsbane potion.

JL created this in a game where she played Snape, during the war, and her Snape 'modified' the potion to help the werewolf be able to resist the Imperius Curse, because that was one of the reasons Voldie wanted the werewolves to use the potion, in that game, was to be able to 'control' the creature by controling the human mind.

For this game purposes, only the 'original' potion here is in existence at this time.

So... this is all JL's work, I'm just shamelessly stealing with her knowledge and permission.Collapse )

Private to Ginevra WeasleyCollapse )

Private to Mr Neville LongbottomCollapse )

Date: Wednesday, 25 October
Time: Just after lunch
Place: Small alcove just off the Great Hall
Characters Involved: Snape and Lupin
Rating PG for UST

This 'preplayed' thread falls here in game chronology.

A true Slytherin knows how to arrange a 'bet' so as to get what he really wants, win or lose.Collapse )

Date: Friday, 13 October
Place: Hogwarts School
Time: Mid-morning break

Public to allCollapse )

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Private to Mme AureliusCollapse )

Private to GinevraCollapse )

Private to Spinner's EndCollapse )

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Written in a state of emotional duress from here.

Private to all former Slytherin Students for whom I was Head of HouseCollapse )

Private to Spinner's End and LupinCollapse )

Private to JuneCollapse )

Private to DerrickCollapse )

Private to LupinCollapse )

Private to Miss ParkinsonCollapse )

Private to DracoCollapse )

~Professor Snape

Private to Oliver WoodCollapse )

Private to Juneau ConnorsCollapse )

Private to Headmistress McGonagallCollapse )</lj-cut S. Snape

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Date: Thursday, 21 September
Time: Nearly dawn
Place: Hogwarts
Characters involved: Snape and Lupin
Rating: Not more than PG

Hogwarts at dawn was beautiful. Too bad his eyes were too swollen almost-shut for him to notice!Collapse )

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